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Powerful and Convenient On-Demand Mobile Platform

CRPT Rating: 4.7

  • Team & Advisory Board
  • Product & Research
  • Idea
  • Marketing
  • Investors Security
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Zapaygo is an application that makes ordering goods and services easier for consumers whilst streamlining and improving efficiency of the serve and delivery for venue operators. Using an intuitive app users can pre-order and pay for goods before arriving at venues or without having to leave their seats. This reduces order processing time and also captures previously unavailable data for venues and brands. Zapaygo has already built the core platform and smartphone application. The company has secured valuable strategic deals with major industry partners to ensure the successful adoption of Zapaygo by high profi le and high volume venue owners in the entertainment, leisure and hospitality sectors. All of these serve large visitor numbers where queueing is problematic for both venues and customers. These companies will also act as powerful partners to exploit existing relationships, and customer bases, to expedite the brand’s mass adoption by consumers, who will regularly use Zapaygo to make everyday purchases quicker and easier, facilitating the use of ZAP tokens as a true utility. This UK based ICO is to raise the funds needed to expand the number of venues accepting Zapaygo, grow the team and enrich the application and platform features to deliver the RewardZ MarketPlace. This will ensure Zapaygo is the breakthrough brand that establishes an immovable market leading position and becomes the preferred mobile ordering and payment platform for hospitality operators, and an essential media partner for global brands. Zapaygo’s focus is the ordering of food and beverage products within the sports, events, hospitality and leisure sectors in the UK. As Zapaygo grows, the plan is to expand into other markets. When buying tokens in Zapaygo’s ICO, it is in a business ready to go, not just an idea. Zapaygo is a complementary product / platform extension that is centred around original Blockchain and Crypto values: ecosystem, community, global and transparency. Buying holding tokens now provides access to all future products, services and tokenised bonds. This current ICO/token offering is not securitised in any way.

Token Sale: 06 September — 31 December
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CRPT Rating (?) : 4.7

  • Team & Advisory Board
    • TEAM (5.0)
      • Leading Technological Experts (5)
      • Project Leader (5)
      • Development Team lead (5)
      • Marketing Lead (5)
      • Specification of experts work (5)
      • Experts Experience of in their spheres (5)
      • Presence of all necessary experts (5)
    • Advisory Board (4.3)
      • Popularity of advisors (5)
      • Expertise of advisors to the project profile (5)
  • Product Description & Marketing Research
    • Product Description (4.8)
      • Roadmap (5)
      • Detalization of product description (5)
      • Regularity of github commits (5)
      • Presence of product beta version (4)
      • Token description and role (5)
      • Discounts on goods and services (5)
      • Possibility of the project management via dao (3)
      • Devidents reception from tokens (4)
      • Buyout of tokens from investors (5)
      • Commision for tokens usage (5)
      • Profit calculation is present and adequate (5)
      • Financial plan detalization (5)
      • Tokens spending ratio (5)
    • Marketing Research (4.4)
      • Lack of competitors (5)
      • Lack of ready made products (4)
      • Presence of technological advantages (4)
      • The amount of financing attracted by competitors (4)
      • Dynamics of competitors growth (5)
      • Jurisdiction research (4)
      • Legal disclaimer for duties and obligations (5)
  • Idea (5.0)
    • Adequacy of the idea (5)
    • Originality of the idea (5)
    • Value of the idea for the community (5)
  • Marketing (4.4)
    • Website (4)
    • Social networks (4)
    • Marketing plan (5)
    • Marketing team (4)
    • Public presence of the team (5)
  • Investors Security (5.0)
    • Daico (5)
    • Decentralized escrow (5)

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