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Token sale completed on 19 July
Goal: 6,000,000 EUR

YellowBetter will be a social portal that gives you the opportunity to get closer to the living culture and language of the country that interests users through direct contact with the real representative of the country. The idea for the portal was created as a result of many years of observation of training and education services in the field of foreign language teaching, as well as the demand for such services. YellowBetter does not impose any rules of learning, it inspires and encourages openness in new ways of learning. The “Global village”, which the world has become in the age of the Internet, gives the opportunity to establish a relationship with someone from the other side of the world in a quick way. Such a meeting of two strangers who want to learn from each other, present their culture, interests – simply sharing themselves, gives results in the form of a vivid contact with language. It is not just a lesson, eg English, but a virtual journey through the country thanks to conversation with our representative.

Token Sale: 17 May — 19 July
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