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The Blockchain challenges Apple & Google
Token sale completed on 31 December
Goal: 16,000,000 USD
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Until now, apps have been prisoners of their own separate ecosystems. Now the app world is making the long-awaited break for freedom. A new generation of applications will revolutionise the app market: Progressive Web Applications (PWA). Progressive Web Applications are a blessing for growth markets like India, China and Africa, where most users can only avail of poor network coverage and lower quality hardware. India, for example has 20% of all mobile phone users worldwide. However, 99% of the network coverage in India is still based on 3G. By combining the advantages of two young future-proofed technologies, Blockchain and Progressive Web Applications, yappadappadoo will establish itself as a David against the market-dominating Goliath app stores of Apple and Google and will achieve a significant market share. The yappadappadoo Project and App Store are carried out by ITC Information Technology Consultants GmbH, a company registered in Zug, Switzerland.

Token Sale: 04 June — 31 December
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