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Get Professional Insights on Your Crypto Investments
Token sale completed on 18 December
Goal: 45,000,000 USD
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Imagine a crypto community commons where anyone can learn more about potential crypto, ICO/STO, and blockchain investments in order to make better-informed decisions. Spectators can read freely available content on the media portal, investors can subscribe to research produced by a team of professional analysts, and institutions can purchase customized research based on their needs. XResearch accomplishes all of this with a seasoned team of Wall Street security analysts, asset managers, and investment professionals led by the former Head of Global Credit Research at PIMCO. A network of validating nodes reviews independent research contributed by community members, and verified members may charge for their research—just like the core XResearch team. XResearch aims to attract, empower, and incentivize the best investment research talent around the world to contribute to a crypto community commons that serves investors around the world. XRES token holders will own, altogether, 5% equity in the company.

Token Sale: 18 October — 18 December
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