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Developing a suite of Class Leading Immunotherapeutics
Token sale completed on 22 February
Goal: Not set
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Xeophin has devised a funding pathway to develop the XeRA-1 Therapeutic for Rheumatoid Arthritis, however this offering represents much more than stake in a promising pharmaceutical. Xeophins’ unique approach to Biotech funding can change the paradigm of how medicine is financed. Xeophin is tokenizing 50% of the future royalties generated by XeRA-1, allowing its’ token holders to fund, and benefit from its’ success. Our mission is to take our core technologies and drive them through our six step process. The outcome being a transaction-ready and IP protected technology portfolio, tokenized. From then on, Xeophin will undertake commercialization activities to achieve a significant royalty deal, delivering value to our XeRA-1 Token holders. Being backed by a physical asset, the XeRA-1 Arthritis Therapeutic, the XERA1 token can increase in value as milestones are hit on the road to commercialization. Once live, token holders will yield cash royalty payments, commensurate to XeRA-1s’ earnings.

Token Sale: 20 August — 22 February
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