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Ethereum 117.97
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Zcash 3.98
$126.26 3.14983%
Monero 27.69
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A Next Generation Gaming Platform for Gamers
Token sale completed on 24 November
Goal: Not set
Website Whitepaper

Vacuum is set to be the next generation gaming platform using block chain technology. It’s about time gaming platforms leveraged the power of the block chain. The gaming industry is currently dominated by big corporations like Valve which own platform Steam. Our platform intends to compete directly with Steam as the next biggest game platform. Vacuum will allow users to buy, re-sell and even rent out digital games they own. We believe this will create a brand new market that currently does not exist. There are no “secondhand” digital game marketplace in existence. This is very exciting to gamers as well as game devs, as this means creating revenue sources that did not exist previously. Platforms like Steam take up from 30-50% in commissions from game developers and this means higher costs to gamers. With our platform, all of these problems will be solved and will be a win-win for everyone, from game devs to gamers.

Token Sale: 24 October — 24 November
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