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Online Protection and Verification Solutions

CRPT Rating: 2.1

  • Team & Advisory Board
  • Product & Research
  • Idea
  • Marketing
  • Investors Security
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TruWho is redefining the world of “KYC as a service.” Our radically new approach to “Know Your Customer” and ‘“Anti-Money Laundering” are built on our sophisticated, secure, and intuitive proprietary platform. Putting the power of your identity back in your hands while still lowering the cost for both businesses and individuals. Removing friction for users and businesses alike, TruWho is a platform full of features you will wonder how you ever lived without. With services all over the world requiring AML and KYC data from their customers, the end result is the same. Your sensitive identification information such as your personal ID, passports, and home address are stored by numerous parties all over the world while you retain no control over them. Simply because a company is great at offering a trading exchange, does not mean they are experts in storing sensitive verification documents. TruWho aims to remedy this and many other issues facing the handling of identity verification in a secure, tech-forward solution. TruID and WHO Token will become essential tools for both B2B and peer to peer groups when looking to verify, transmit or secure sensitive personal information. With a TruID you will be able to sign into multiple partner platforms with a single username and password resulting in instant verification. As a customer – no more long waiting periods or re-gathering and submitting your documents. As a business – faster onboarding, increased trust, and built in friction-free user base. As a TruWho user you will also have the peace of mind that your information and documents are stored with a secure, trusted U.S. based company and that you are able to destroy or revoke access to your information with ease if desired. TruWho offers ‘Anonymous Verification,’ allowing participating partners or peers to see that you have been verified while only passing non-identifying information to the third party, protecting your privacy. Natively offering multiple levels of verification from Bronze all the way up to Diamond, we have developed a robust system that remains flexible enough to meet your needs. TruID and WHO tokens – the future of verification is now.

Token Sale: 15 September — 21 January
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CRPT Rating (?) : 2.1

  • Team & Advisory Board
    • TEAM (1.7)
      • Leading Technological Experts (1)
      • Project Leader (2)
      • Development Team lead (1)
      • Marketing Lead (1)
      • Specification of experts work (1)
      • Experts Experience of in their spheres (3)
      • Presence of all necessary experts (1)
    • Advisory Board (2.7)
      • Popularity of advisors (3)
      • Expertise of advisors to the project profile (3)
  • Product Description & Marketing Research
    • Product Description (2.1)
      • Roadmap (1)
      • Detalization of product description (2)
      • Regularity of github commits (2)
      • Presence of product beta version (3)
      • Token description and role (2)
      • Discounts on goods and services (1)
      • Possibility of the project management via dao (3)
      • Devidents reception from tokens (2)
      • Buyout of tokens from investors (1)
      • Commision for tokens usage (2)
      • Profit calculation is present and adequate (3)
      • Financial plan detalization (2)
      • Tokens spending ratio (1)
    • Marketing Research (2.0)
      • Lack of competitors (2)
      • Lack of ready made products (2)
      • Presence of technological advantages (2)
      • The amount of financing attracted by competitors (3)
      • Dynamics of competitors growth (3)
      • Jurisdiction research (1)
      • Legal disclaimer for duties and obligations (2)
  • Idea (2.2)
    • Adequacy of the idea (1)
    • Originality of the idea (3)
    • Value of the idea for the community (3)
  • Marketing (2.2)
    • Website (2)
    • Social networks (3)
    • Marketing plan (2)
    • Marketing team (3)
    • Public presence of the team (1)
  • Investors Security (1.7)
    • Daico (2)
    • Decentralized escrow (1)

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