Bitcoin 769.63
$32,464.00 2.37073%
Ethereum -19.93
$1,874.29 -1.06359%
XRP -0.06
$0.55 -10.87812%
Zcash 3.88
$106.41 3.64642%
Monero -1.92
$202.30 -0.95098%
Tether 0.01
$1.00 0.63331%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 -36.88703%
Home Sharing Network in Blockchain
Token sale completed on 30 November
Goal: 750 ETH
Website Whitepaper

The Rentals Token (TRT), an ERC-20 smart utility token, is a part of The Rentals Network, an entire ecosystem which includes the TRT, a set of protocols and a DApp to provide a decentralized vacation rentals marketplace. It uses blockchain technology to solve the challenges and inefficiencies of the home sharing and vacations rentals market. The TRT smart token enables an open marketplace, removing the risks associated with closed, centralized and proprietary services such as Airbnb. It gives the ability to publish, distribute and book vacational properties while enforcing the rules set by an owner, property manager or channel manager.

Token Sale: 17 September — 30 November
ICO Token Price
Min/Max Personal Cap

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