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Token sale completed on 31 May
Goal: 3,000,000 USD

Synapsecoin is a project which has as the main objective, use of crowdfunding system and Blockchain technology in all its splendour. One of the problems found around the world is the financial of entrepreneurs and businessmen looking to expand to international markets. Synapsecoin found this problem, raises this crowdfunding financing system, through it, entrepreneurs and businessmen will have the opportunity to get financing and run their project, and for those who want to invest we will present a range of fully qualified projects in our crowdfunding, providing all our users with the advice indicated in the area. Synapsecoin is made up of a solid professional team who are passionate about innovating, and aware of new technologies (Blockchain), sharing a philosophy of teaching, helping people, making them discover their own talents and live from it. In our Crowdfunding system, the user will should to register, verify and approve the KYC, once these requirements are fulfilled he will have access to the services we provide, each service will have a reference link on our page. The SYP cryptocurrency will be used for exchanges in our own Exchange Criptowasi.

Token Sale: 01 April — 31 May
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