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Social Music Platform Driven

CRPT Rating: 1.8

  • Team & Advisory Board
  • Product & Research
  • Idea
  • Marketing
  • Investors Security
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shokoCAST is the world’s first blockchain enabled social music platform that brings about the rebirth of sound and evolution of music and it converges the entire music value chain whilst bringing the artist directly to the fans. It has many features including creating, collaborating, publishing, distributing, sharing and and consuming music. It’s a place where musicians build careers, fans find inspiration and managers discover talent! shokoCAST is a global decentralized free social music network built on a hybrid quadruple layered blockchain called SHOkolah. The platform will enable the creation of music by artists and beatmakers and DJs, collaboration amongst users and sharing including the creation of ‘communities with similar tastes’​; publishing and royalty administration; digital distribution; and consumption and monetization avenues that include downloads and streams and many new forms of revenue creation; Musicians will be able to monetize through live video, 360 video and augmented reality streaming, live concerts and events, ticketing, etc.. Audio curated music playlists on digital radio for those would prefer to listen to great sounds during their busy day or simply don’t have the luxury of a smartphone and still want access to shokoCAST. The platform tops it up with a transactional wallet that hard-wires the solution to the blockchain providing full transactional capabilities on the network and with other cryptocurrencies and services. All is joint together through Socialing that unites three key user groups: music makers (artist, vocalists, beatmakers, and DJs) with music movers (fans, distributors, producers, our dRadio, other streaming platforms, everything digital) and music managers (record labels, collection societies, governmental departments in some countries, advertising companies, support service providers e.g. photography and recording studios). The last key feature worth noting is the secure and anonymous messenger that is the voice used for messaging and the backbone to an uncensored news feed with features that have no compare, and for those who need to express their view no matter what!

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CRPT Rating (?) : 1.8

  • Team & Advisory Board
    • TEAM (1.9)
      • Leading Technological Experts (2)
      • Project Leader (2)
      • Development Team lead (3)
      • Marketing Lead (2)
      • Specification of experts work (1)
      • Experts Experience of in their spheres (1)
      • Presence of all necessary experts (3)
    • Advisory Board (0.9)
      • Popularity of advisors (1)
      • Expertise of advisors to the project profile (1)
  • Product Description & Marketing Research
    • Product Description (1.4)
      • Roadmap (2)
      • Detalization of product description (1)
      • Regularity of github commits (1)
      • Presence of product beta version (1)
      • Token description and role (1)
      • Discounts on goods and services (3)
      • Possibility of the project management via dao (3)
      • Devidents reception from tokens (1)
      • Buyout of tokens from investors (1)
      • Commision for tokens usage (3)
      • Profit calculation is present and adequate (1)
      • Financial plan detalization (3)
      • Tokens spending ratio (1)
    • Marketing Research (2.3)
      • Lack of competitors (2)
      • Lack of ready made products (2)
      • Presence of technological advantages (3)
      • The amount of financing attracted by competitors (3)
      • Dynamics of competitors growth (1)
      • Jurisdiction research (2)
      • Legal disclaimer for duties and obligations (3)
  • Idea (1.6)
    • Adequacy of the idea (1)
    • Originality of the idea (1)
    • Value of the idea for the community (3)
  • Marketing (2.2)
    • Website (3)
    • Social networks (1)
    • Marketing plan (3)
    • Marketing team (2)
    • Public presence of the team (2)
  • Investors Security (2.7)
    • Daico (3)
    • Decentralized escrow (2)

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