Bitcoin 2,645.02
$51,692.00 5.11689%
Ethereum 44.96
$1,612.47 2.78855%
XRP 0.01
$0.45 1.23413%
Zcash 4.54
$128.99 3.52034%
Monero -2.30
$224.26 -1.02482%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 0.24197%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 5.88894%
Start Your Idea With the Panter
Token sale completed on 30 November
Goal: 1,000 ETH
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We create a platform on which it is facilitated for the start-up founders with innovative, future-oriented ideas to obtain capital without having to face the bank, crowdfunding platforms or the immense expenditure of an ICO. The capital invested in Pantercon is not invested in one project, but in many different, carefully selected start-ups. This method minimizes losses for investors. Pantercon’s evaluation program offers investors a unique opportunity to help decide which companies receive support. The Hydra Blockchain will be a hybrid blockchain that combines the advantages of public and private blockchains. For the implementation, sidechains are used, which can be managed parallel to the manchain and operated relatively autonomously. The number of transactions is significantly increased by bundling, hedging and collective verification of several transactions.

Token Sale: 01 November — 30 November
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