Bitcoin 906.44
$32,806.00 2.76302%
Ethereum -2.05
$1,901.60 -0.10794%
XRP -0.06
$0.57 -11.40487%
Zcash 6.64
$109.58 6.0573%
Monero -5.56
$207.83 -2.67352%
Tether 0.02
$1.01 1.79587%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 -36.88703%
Cryptocurrency & Decentralized Cryptofund
Token sale completed on 28 November
Goal: 1,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

One Solution is an ecosystem combining within itself a decentralized fund for cryptocurrency investing, our own cryptocurrency possessing unique features, as well as a startup academy. The One Solution Fund eases the process of IСO investing, eliminates the issue of scams, opens up access to large investment discounts and bonuses. The properties of the Solvo cryptocurrency guarantee its stable price growth and high level of volatility, which makes it a reliable and highly profitable investment instrument, as opposed to most other cryptoassets. One Solution Fund operations are decentralized, all managerial and investment decisions are made through voting by all Solvo coin holders. The initial selection of projects for investment purposes is carried out by the Fund’s highly qualified experts, which are admitted to their positions by means of voting. The automatic mining deduction system to the Fund’s portfolio guarantees the portfolios stable growth and the expansion of its investment capabilities. The link between the Solvo coin and the Fund’s portfolio guarantees their price growth as the project develops, and quarterly dividend payouts in the size of 70% of the Funds profits guarantee high volatility during the run up to dividend distribution.

Token Sale: 08 November — 28 November
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