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Token sale completed on 21 April
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Website Whitepaper

My name is Heihachiro Kianzaki, a 27 year-old games developer with a dream: create a great video game! I’m aware of the fact that producing a video game is a complex process involving different tasks and that it requires a high level of expertise. In order to do a proper job, I have planned all sub-tasks in advance and I have estimated a budget of around 100,000-150,000$. Since the ICO “ecosystem” is attracting a huge amount of attention around the world nowadays and it seems to be the best option to reach potential investors, I decided to give it a try! As you have probably already guessed, I don’t have the necessary funds to bring my project to life, and since I don’t want to be bound to a big company that would take the credit for my ideas and also the majority of the takings, I’m asking everyone who is willing to help me out to participate in this ICO. If you are interested in knowing more about my project, continue reading on the ICO website ( I can anticipate a few things about the game I have in mind. The game is inspired to the good-old Beat ‘em up games from eighties and it will see the players trying to save the world from an alien threat. There will be 15 levels, 15 playable characters, vehicles, enemies (including mini-bosses, and level bosses)…a lot of attention to details and a huge amount of adrenaline and fun!

Token Sale: 31 March — 21 April
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