Bitcoin -1,534.47
$61,389.00 -2.49959%
Ethereum -83.65
$3,986.04 -2.09865%
XRP 0.01
$1.10 0.48456%
Zcash 10.49
$161.83 6.48039%
Monero 27.69
$264.85 10.45558%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 -0.06429%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 -7.90704%
A Whole Eco-system
Token sale completed on 15 October
Goal: 1 000 000
Website Whitepaper is a multi-component ecosystem designed to accommodate a wide variety of the cryptocurrency community’s needs. While a solution for those needs exists individually across many platforms, they are not always implemented to perfection, and are often unreliable, non-transparent or hard to use. By aggregating those components into one platform, we enhance user experience and eliminate redundancy, fees, and funds transition time. The 5 main components of the system are the Exchanges: HybriDEX multi-chain dex and n.ex- change INSTANT, MultiPick multi-mining pool, EasyMerchant solution, and a line of complementary services including high-quality content, various utilities leveraging our open API, coin capitalization and portfolio trackers and liquidity-sourcing services. Our goal is to maximize every one of the components individually, by providing an outstanding service with a sharp edge, for low fees. Thus becoming the industry’s first regulated, transparent, high-liquidity A-Book broker. As such, our main business model is sourcing liquidity to traditional financial institutions and blue-chip companies.

Token Sale: 15 September — 15 October
ICO Token Price
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