Bitcoin -1,054.23
$32,952.00 -3.1993%
Ethereum -83.53
$1,927.90 -4.33244%
XRP 0.01
$0.64 1.30971%
Zcash -1.09
$112.44 -0.96993%
Monero -7.79
$210.99 -3.68976%
Tether 0.00
$1.01 0.22793%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 10.01402%
The Largest Legal Mining Compound In Russia
Token sale completed on 30 September
Goal: 15,000,000 MNRY
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What is Minery? Minery represents a different solution. It combines large mining compounds, low entry criteria, high quality hosting, a service center in close vicinity and one of the lowest electricity rates in the whole world. We procure the hardware, install and set it up. In case of breakdowns we repair it right on the spot. These characteristics make the Minery project highly efficient and convenient. Where? When choosing location for mining, the ideal placement will offer both low electricity rates and low average annual temperature. Russia is one of the best countries to place a mining farm. Our mining compounds are located in the cities of: Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk. Average annual temperature –2°C. These climate conditions allow us to use highly effective heat transfer and cooling system for the miners and ultimately reduce hosting expenses. Power sources Our power supplier is Bratsk Electric Grid Company, JSC (BEGC) which is among the largest in the Irkutsk region.

Token Sale: 01 July — 30 September
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