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Zcash 3.03
$57.33 5.28616%
Monero 4.30
$121.22 3.54796%
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An Entire Universe On the Ethereum Blockchain
Token sale completed on 29 September
Goal: Not set
Website Whitepaper

Macroverse is a procedurally generated universe, available to be used by blockchain-based games. Rather than paying expensive gas costs to store environment and level data on the blockchain, or spending large amounts of developer effort on custom world generation algorithms, game developers will be able to use Macroverse as a piece of game development middleware, and to find settings for their games by exploring the single, shared Macroverse universe. Macroverse will provide trusted, proven world generation algorithms, and a shared universe accessible to all developers, allowing even small developers to make big games.

Token Sale: 01 July — 29 September
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