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The world's fastest Blockchain Scaling Solution
Token sale completed on 07 January
Goal: 500 ETH
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Lineage is a new Blockchain that has VISA scaling The transaction capacity of cryptocurrencies, in comparison to widespread payment solutions such as VISA define the currency. The inherent slowness of the Blockchain is a problem to find the right gap between speed without compromising security, decentralization, or consensus. For example, Bitcoin has embraced the notion of being Digital Gold before they release their lightning network after the implementation of Segregated Witness. But there is a similar matter, how is the Blockchain going to scale at such a level? How can we reach Visa’s 1,700 transaction per second average and implement that in Bitcoin without compromising? Ethereum’s proposal on scaling to Ethereum 2.0 is due to sharding, which may greatly boost the speed of the chain. However, we at the Lineage Foundation have found that on-chain scaling is much needed, and thus we have come up with a solution that allows decentralization, speed, and prevents the manipulation of third parties on aspects of the ecosystem. New Algorithm, All Full nodes, Zero Second confirmation, Offline and anonymous transactions.

Token Sale: 05 December — 07 January
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