Bitcoin 569.82
$32,583.00 1.74882%
Ethereum -7.91
$1,908.43 -0.41445%
XRP -0.07
$0.58 -12.43288%
Zcash 3.67
$106.58 3.44633%
Monero -14.50
$205.65 -7.05047%
Tether 0.01
$1.00 1.20316%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 -0.54289%
Decentralized Crypto Platform
Token sale completed on 23 September
Goal: Not set

Karbon’s goal is to provide a platform where consumers, merchants and advertisers can coexist in a new, unique social environment. Our platform helps to stimulate professional interactions, and seeks to increase the growth of cryptocurrency adoption through the use of built in tools on the Karbon platform. Karbon’s goal is to conceptualize the ‘visual social blockchain’, where all data happening on the Karbon platform is stored on the block chain, and visually displayed to the end-user through their news feeds, or profile pages.

Token Sale: 26 August — 23 September
ICO Token Price
Min/Max Personal Cap

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