Bitcoin 496.73
$32,422.00 1.53209%
Ethereum -15.59
$1,875.83 -0.83087%
XRP -0.07
$0.56 -12.00647%
Zcash 3.16
$107.32 2.94858%
Monero -5.08
$204.31 -2.48501%
Tether 0.02
$1.01 1.79587%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 -36.88703%
The Quantum Power of Hubezoo
Token sale completed on 30 August
Goal: Not set
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Unleash the power of quantum blockchain. We offer the first internetwork of the future, combining social media, e-commerce and info (big data). With our organizational system, users are able to hyperseed information and enjoy more online interactivity. Quantum applications allow users to expand their online functions. Unagold is the official Hubezoo token. By using quantum applications, it expands transactions with an open source method combined with high security. Quantum blockchain methods with our token create scalability and sustainability.

Token Sale: 30 April — 30 August
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