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Asset Exchange and Virtual World for Real Estate
Token sale completed on 04 July
Goal: 20,000,000 GBP
Website Whitepaper

At HiP we look at things differently… We look within to find the answers for positive change. Our philosophy drives everything we do, from supporting the growth and development of the people who work with us right through to actively contributing towards solving the economic problems in the world around us. This introspective vision was the driving force behind creating a platform where property equity becomes a currency, and debt levels become a choice. Anyone can participate. Whatever your interest in property, regardless of your global location. True to our values, HiP offers a new level of financial freedom through a next generation asset exchange and immersive virtual world. Connecting users through the HiP Ecosystem with real world participants and complimentary services. Creating an infrastructure that improves your current standard of living and build real value within your community. HiP was born to challenge the restrictive global real estate market. A market in desperate need of positive change for property investors, owner-occupiers and buyers alike by realising your opportunities and wealth in a new way, no matter what your situation.

Token Sale: 04 July — 04 July
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