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Zcash 6.12
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New World in Which Users Create Values on Their Own
Token sale completed on 01 November
Goal: 300 ETH
Website Whitepaper

The first social blockchain platform for the distribution os social activity bonuses. The GeoManna platform is a decentralized, socially funded ecosystem for direct peer-to-peer interaction (P2P – peer to peer). Transparency, reliability, speed and equal opportunities are the core values embodied in the technology of blocking and the functionality of a smart contract on a platform. The platform expands the potential of using financial services on the basis of a distributed registry, self-executing smart contracts. The GeoManna ecosystem is designed to unite all participants in one place, providing them with a platform for creating and using financial services, where everyone can, and offer a service, and use it. GeoManna is able to offer a new technical solution and a new conceptual model of interaction between platform participants for the development of modern decentralized financial services. The GeoManna platform will be friendly and with a minimum of technical terminology to offer services to the general public, indicating the benefits and capabilities of the platform. The GeoManna platform is a New World in which users create values themselves.

Token Sale: 01 August — 01 November
Min/Max Personal Cap

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