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Disrupting the Global Forced Fashion Industry
Token sale completed on 24 December
Goal: 76,500,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

Genuine Fashion Token brings consumers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers together in a single decentralized network, using blockchain technology, to disrupt the forged fashion industry by creating an immutable record that details and assures the provenance of valuable articles. We authenticate High-end products and streetwear by giving the consumer the possibility to upload their items. New items get authenticated by team experts and nodes through AI technology. Vintage or older items will also have the possibility to be physically authenticated by our partners. Users can upload their purchases by following a standard protocol. Once approved by our algorithm, a certificate is created in our block chain that cannot be changed by anyone and is therefore forged proof. High-end brands rule supply chain but most are sold through third parties. GFT will also develop an E-commerce around this authentication system. This provides a solution to the untrustworthy online world without third parties intervening.

Token Sale: 24 September — 24 December
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