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A True Decentralized Token for G-ride Payments
Token sale completed on 27 January
Goal: 2,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

Major issues surrounding most successful startups are: High transaction fees; existing platforms charge up to 25%; Lack of convenient mode of payments between startups and drivers; Exploitation by some few businessmen (middlemen) and fleet companies due to difficulties in acquiring standard cars especially in developing countries; Lack of proper referral reward programs; Our goal is to build a holistic platform that solves all above mentioned challenges in this sector. We aim to offer: Lowest transaction fees on fares; Very convenient mode of payment (The G-coin); Provide cars to individuals who wish to ply trade on our platform; Outstanding referral reward. :- A lifetime 3% commission on all trips completed by referrals.

Token Sale: 27 January — 27 January
ICO Token Price
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