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Revolutionising the Way We Bank
Token sale completed on 30 November
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FINX is the world’s 1st comprehensive decentralized bank. With our proprietary MADS™, MAAW™, DTSS™ solutions: Trading, storing, and withdrawal of digital & real assets, fiat, and gold will be made possible. Soon, getting a FINX™ Debit Card, Structured Financial Products Array™ (‘SFPA’) will just be a few clicks (or taps) away. The benefits enabled by the use of blockchain technologies undeniable. Here at FINX we chose to embrace blockchain technology to create a decentralised banking platform for the people, control and managed by the people. The Ethereum blockchain enables us to revolutionize the banking system by making storing, and trading a wide range of assets as secure and cost effective.

Token Sale: 15 June — 30 November
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