Bitcoin -4,997.81
$49,175.00 -10.16331%
Ethereum -190.43
$4,093.02 -4.65267%
XRP -0.11
$0.81 -14.00138%
Zcash -34.50
$175.00 -19.71709%
Monero 27.69
$264.85 10.45558%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 -0.06429%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 -26.28576%
Decentralized eSports App-Platform
Token sale completed on 30 September
Goal: 2,000 ETH
Website Whitepaper

In the eSports market most of the available financial growth potential is unused. With eSports and Blockchain eByte connects two of the most growing markets while including the mainstream of eSports. eByte is developing a consortium blockchain to establish the first international eSports ecosystem specifically designed for the whole eSports community. The project also includes a trustworthy contract system for leagues, teams, and players, to ensure all participants and service providers can be rewarded for their achievements in a safe and simple way. The eByte portals and platforms will give investors and sponsors a complete overview of the eSports market. In addition, the new cryptocurrency will enable fans to support their favorite teams and players with donations. Like the Ethereum blockchain, developers will be able to use the eByte blockchain as a third party development platform focussed on good usability and optimized for gaming projects as well as eSports solution.

Token Sale: 01 September — 30 September
ICO Token Price
Min/Max Personal Cap

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