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Project Dresscode

CRPT Rating: 1.9

  • Team & Advisory Board
  • Product & Research
  • Idea
  • Marketing
  • Investors Security
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The Dresscode platform is aimed at connecting its users network and is the core product where functionalities can be implemented on the go. The applications are limitless while the main threads concentrate on: Using the application will make buying or selling a blockchain edition of your favourite designer with bespoke ownership and verified product authenticity safely stored on one non-fungible token bearing the imprint of a physical fashion item easy to understand, use and embrace. Both limited edition fashion and cryptocurrency offer alternatives to established systems that have adapted poorly to cultural shifts. The fact that the old guards of finance and fashion are beginning to take note speaks to the need for and great potential of this very new way of bringing fashion to the people safely, quickly and in a way that brings big benefits to all.  And the blockchain is just such an alternative. It’s highly flexible and has huge potential in terms of reach and application, well beyond simplifying reservations, automating deliveries and setting new values for the most exclusive items. Faced with a generation of consumers who are both the most well informed and fiscally precarious in modern history, luxury labels are searching for ways to remain relevant – and therefore profitable. Limited edition streetwear fills that void. The multimillion dollar aftermarket for rare sneakers and apparel represents a big shift in consumer desire, where a hoodie that costs $148 at retail can be worth 10 times as much on an online resale platform like The Real Real, Vestiare, Grailed or StockX. Naturally, the entire industry wants a piece of this action. To date, several distinguished fashion brands have already expressed big interest in Projectdresscode’s new protocol. They’ve seen the potential in the direct correlation between limited edition fashion and the limited number of tokens all running on blockchain, which has moved the fashion crowd to christen the blockchain “the new internet”.

Token Sale: 22 June —
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CRPT Rating (?) : 1.9

  • Team & Advisory Board
    • TEAM (1.9)
      • Leading Technological Experts (2)
      • Project Leader (2)
      • Development Team lead (3)
      • Marketing Lead (2)
      • Specification of experts work (1)
      • Experts Experience of in their spheres (1)
      • Presence of all necessary experts (3)
    • Advisory Board (1.0)
      • Popularity of advisors (1)
      • Expertise of advisors to the project profile (1)
  • Product Description & Marketing Research
    • Product Description (1.4)
      • Roadmap (2)
      • Detalization of product description (1)
      • Regularity of github commits (1)
      • Presence of product beta version (1)
      • Token description and role (1)
      • Discounts on goods and services (3)
      • Possibility of the project management via dao (3)
      • Devidents reception from tokens (1)
      • Buyout of tokens from investors (1)
      • Commision for tokens usage (3)
      • Profit calculation is present and adequate (1)
      • Financial plan detalization (3)
      • Tokens spending ratio (1)
    • Marketing Research (2.3)
      • Lack of competitors (2)
      • Lack of ready made products (2)
      • Presence of technological advantages (3)
      • The amount of financing attracted by competitors (3)
      • Dynamics of competitors growth (1)
      • Jurisdiction research (2)
      • Legal disclaimer for duties and obligations (3)
  • Idea (1.6)
    • Adequacy of the idea (1)
    • Originality of the idea (1)
    • Value of the idea for the community (3)
  • Marketing (2.2)
    • Website (3)
    • Social networks (1)
    • Marketing plan (3)
    • Marketing team (2)
    • Public presence of the team (2)
  • Investors Security (2.7)
    • Daico (3)
    • Decentralized escrow (2)

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