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Join our Token Sale Today and Help us to Change Mexico and the World
Token sale completed on 01 July
Goal: 500,000 USD

Domitai is a Cryptocurrency Exchange in Mexico, a trading platform for digital and traditional currencies between users. Currently 25% of all the business accepting cryptocurrencies as payment in mexico are working with the Domitai POS Domitai Token (DOMI) Our token is called DOMI, a utility token that you can use to pay fees with amazing discounts, it will be sold at $ US 0.107 each. The amount of tokens created will depend on the amount of funds raised, will have a max token supply of 200,000,000. Domitai plans to use 20% of profits to buy back DOMI each year until 50% of the total token supply is burned. Why do we need a token sale? This token sale allows us to get funds in order to improve our platform with new features, develop our mobile app and point of sale, install ATMs all over Mexico, and grow the infrastructure of Domitai. Our dedicated token can be used in Domitai platform to access discounted services and to transfer valu.

Token Sale: 01 June — 01 July
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$37.2903296 0.1070000 ETH 37.2903296 BTC
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