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Zcash 3.69
$60.12 6.14158%
Monero 1.26
$98.79 1.27285%
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Decentralizing your ID over the Blockchain
Token sale completed on 04 March
Goal: 2,500,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

Decentralized ID (or DID) is a software schema and a Foundation geared towards protecting your ID on the Blockchain. DID puts your ID in your control by Decentralizing it. As of its launch in September 2017, DID comes with a working software schema based on mobile wallets and the Ethereum Network to show how ID verification can be performed on a Blockchain. DID also provides a draft proposal for how to achieve this and recommends starting a foundation to oversee how ID is being used/transferred in a Crypto-world. The project is working closely with a Government department to conduct a pilot study of putting National ID cards on the Blockchain.

Token Sale: 04 January — 04 March
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