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$48,572.00 2.77901%
Ethereum 57.37
$1,535.64 3.73578%
XRP 0.00
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Zcash 4.84
$120.76 4.00773%
Monero -2.88
$202.45 -1.423%
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$1.00 -0.16378%
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$0.00 38.48274%
Blockchain Powered dClinic Platform
Token sale completed on 15 October
Goal: 20,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

dClinic is the World’s 1st TokenSale to combine Real-World Property Assets (Clinics and Hospitals) and a revolutionary digital healthcare platform driven by positive healthcare outcomes for consumers. dClinic Health Coins (ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain) drive all the transactions in the dClinic ecosystem. dClinic understands consumers and care team providers can be anywhere in the world and still require access to their EHR (Electronic Health Record), therefore, dClinic’s solution is to power the dClinic platform with blockchain. The dClinic platform provides for a Shared Care model where the patient is at the center of their care. Care is provided by care team members who could be providers, clinicians, specialists, organisations and even family members. dClinic puts the patient at the centre of their care and beaks through the brick walls that often constrain their access to care.

Token Sale: 31 August — 15 October
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