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$32,332.00 1.44921%
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$0.56 -10.80156%
Zcash 3.20
$106.89 2.99387%
Monero -3.66
$204.21 -1.79257%
Tether 0.01
$1.00 0.63331%
Elite 0.00
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Quality Crowdsourcing on Blockchain
Token sale completed on 22 June
Goal: 7,500 ETH
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CrowdPrecision offers higher quality results at lower cost and faster. We decided against a solely decentralized platform. Our experiences show that there are always cases that can not be clarified automatically. Therefore, our platform has a group of experts who serve as a point of arbitration and take into account both, the interests of employees and employers in a neutral way. CrowdPrecision tackles two of the most significant challenges in current Crowdsourcing applications – quality control of the work submitted and fast and cost-effective payment mechanisms.

Token Sale: 01 January — 22 June
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