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$53.51 1.30483%
Monero 3.12
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Decentralized Autonomous Transportation
Token sale completed on 07 June
Goal: 3,000 ETH
Website Whitepaper

Cobol is the first company to provide decentralized autonomous transportation for the average consumer, with the implementation of block chain technologies. A user can request a car using their computer, phone or watch. Moments later, a self-driving car will arrive at the user’s location, and drive them to their destination. The user pays using Cobol tokens, and is charged on a per mile basis. Cobol is similar to that of a ride share program, yet decentralized and more efficient. This is an economical solution to the rapidly growing costs of owning and upkeeping a vehicle. With Cobol, traveling and transportation will become cheaper and easier.

Token Sale: 24 May — 07 June
ICO Token Price
Min/Max Personal Cap

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