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Optimal Health & Affordable Care For All
Token sale completed on 21 October
Goal: 10,000 USD

We’re capitalizing on the growing trends toward free-market medicine, the rise of Direct Patient Care, and the frustration people face from confusing medical bills & rising premiums. Utilizing the latest advances in blockchain technologies, wearables, and machine learning, we’re solving core problems to reinvent the way healthcare services are offered and purchased. Our foundational developments: 1. Humantiv, a collaborative operating system designed to optimize health & wellness by incentivizing people to pursue healthy lifestyles with the help of wearable technology. 2. Medoplex, an open & transparent marketplace where healthcare buyers & sellers transact directly in a free market economy without insurance intermediaries. 3. “Health as a Service,” personalized subscriptions for health & wellness based on members’ genetics, microbiomics, wearable data, and medical records.

Token Sale: 15 March — 21 October
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