Bitcoin -882.00
$17,938.25 -4.91685%
Ethereum -54.72
$530.05 -10.32415%
XRP -0.07
$0.57 -12.57238%
Zcash -7.80
$73.23 -10.65006%
Monero -12.26
$121.18 -10.11865%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 0.24959%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 -21.40873%
Payment Processing for Web 3.0 Era
Token sale completed on 16 May
Goal: Not set
Website Whitepaper is designed to support as many digital currencies as possible, realizing their internal translation into the currency, which the main seller wants to accept as his/her basic currency. If, for example, the seller selects EUR as the basic currency on his/her internal account, when the client pays for the goods or services in Ethereum/ Bitcoin/etc, the seller receives the payments in EUR with a possibility of further transfer to his/her bank account. One of the long-term objectives of apart from serving a payment gateway in the virtual envi- ronment is integration into offline economy. As the most relevant analogues we can mention Square – a project that offers offline sales outlets a simple mechanism of accepting and accounting digital currencies as a payment method.

Token Sale: 17 April — 16 May
ICO Token Price
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