Bitcoin -2,292.86
$36,788.00 -6.23262%
Ethereum -45.83
$1,171.86 -3.91056%
XRP -0.02
$0.28 -5.70815%
Zcash -7.51
$103.51 -7.25611%
Monero -6.14
$157.39 -3.8998%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 0.26512%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 -8.23701%
Global Decentralized Instant Messaging APP
Token sale completed on 31 May
Goal: 1,500 ETH
Website Whitepaper

Decentralized applications (DApps) are the next logical step in the evolution of blockchain technology. It can be compared similarly to the web protocol and applications that followed after. Now protocol allows the development of new products but doesn’t create mass adoption in itself. DApp is a different story. DApps are created for general public adoption and income generation. While protocol can generate income from the selected few – DApps are able to generate millions of users with an endless income stream. Would you rather support internet protocol (like HTTP) or an app like Uber?

Token Sale: 01 March — 31 May
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