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Zcash 12.28
$281.79 4.3574%
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$363.84 6.62205%
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The Future of Betting Itself
Token sale completed on 18 April
Goal: Not set
Website Whitepaper

BettingWin, in its most basic form, is a betting platform built on blockchain and smart contract technology. It allows users to bet or make markets for upcoming events, and win or loss the betting chips in the market based on the results. It has similar features with the existing online bookmakers, betting exchanges, and some blockchain prediction market projects. However, some features are fundamentally different. We will present the differences, and illustrate a decentralized and unstoppable betting platform in our vision. The platform aims to meet any country’s law requirement, provides equal opportunities for different generations of developers, and delivers fair interests for investors, market makers and players.

Token Sale: 18 April — 18 April
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