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The First Tourism Credit Consumption Platform
Token sale completed on 20 September
Goal: 5,000 ETH
Website Whitepaper

The main entity of Backpack Travel is Backpack Foundation in Singapore. With a personal digital identity authentication of tourists as a lever of change, Backpack Travel devotes itself to the blockchain application in tourism industry. Its target is to create the very first borderless travel credit consumption platform in the world. With a combined application of blockchain, distributed storage, biometrics, cryptography, big data analysis and emerging technologies of mobile devices, Backpack Travel is launching a new type of digital authentication called Backpack Travel Shield. It is based on the original passport information as the static data with dynamic superposition of tourists’ travel trajectory. At the same time, Backpack Travel develops an alliance of open sources to enable users to gain access to a variety of travel services. In short, BTA is a global integration of international tourism resources on blockchain, and BTA is replacing the traditional OTA!

Token Sale: 10 September — 20 September
ICO Token Price
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