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The Digital Ecosystem
Token sale completed on 05 June
Goal: 87,500,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

Aitheon intends to use AI and robotics to automate backend processes that are time consuming for businesses on a single, simple platform. Aitheon’s Miners will be “Specialists/Pilots” on computers to assist the robotics with tasks that they encounter. Depending on difficulty of tasks will reward the Miners with tokens for completing the task. Specialist for example will overlook papers that can’t be interpreted or a phone call with a heavy accent that may be hard to understand. Pilots, for example would assist in parking autodriving vehicles. These are few of the many tasks that will be allowed by specialists and pilots with our training. We also have a Creators program that enables creators worldwide to use our system to help develop new robotics and AI with assistance.

Token Sale: 20 April — 05 June
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