Bitcoin for booze, hotels and flyght

Cryptocurrencies play the significant role in carrying out of sports games. And we observed it on the last winter Olympic games and the Super Cup. And so we can conclude that cryptocurrencies can be used in a lot of different areas. It can be used at the hotel to pay for your room or in the gambling. Football is one of the most popular kinds of the sport among people and because of that every four years we feast on a festival of football. This game includes not only players but also fans. They travel around the world following their favourite team. At the moment the 2018 World Cup is taking its place in Russia. The country has already been visited by fans from all over the world. Our foreign guests are in need of accommodation and other facilities and here cryptocurrencies can help. The availability and ease of access to cryptocurrency wallets and exchange platforms have continued to grow. Put simply, cryptocurrency gives visitors and fans the ability to quickly and easily withdraw rubles — the Russian currency — using cryptocurrency.

Within the framework of this championship, the hotel chain Apartments Malina provided visitors with payment for services by bitcoins. Accommodation is not the only thing that tourists can use cryptocurrencies for during the World Cup. Killfish, a chain of bars in Russia, is accepting Bitcoin for booze and sandwiches as part of an extensive promotional program. Also, cryptocurrency could be used to pay for a ticket for a plane.

With many sports, betting has become part and parcel of the experience. Now fans can use also cryptocurrencies. There are a number of sport betting platforms that have adopted cryptocurrencies as a payment and betting option. Intertops and Bodog are two examples of betting websites that accept cryptocurrency bets as well as normal fiat betting. Throughout the time cryptocurrencies will permeate more into our lives.


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